Can you escape?

Welcome to Goderich's first and only Escape Room experience. Also featuring our board game Cafe. Book your time in one of our escape rooms below with your credit card, only $25.00/ person. Looking forward to having you visit us!

Summer 2019

Escape Room at the Huron County Gaol.

Saturdays in 2019 Book now so your not disappointed, we sold out many weekends last year


Click Escape room bookings at top of page to book your interactive escape room experience. Just pick the Saturday  you want in the date drop down menu. You will have 60 minutes to escape the Huron County Gaol with a LIVE actor to guide you in a very unique and historic setting.


Escape rooms offer a creative and challenging way to develop your professional teams. Colleagues must communicate, share ideas and work together to complete the escape room. You can book space in our board game cafe to host food and drinks before or after your Escape room experience.


Just call or E-Mail us your request and we will do whatever we can to make your event a big hit with everyone. We can even book outside our normal operating hours for larger groups. So don't wait get working with your team and solve our Escape Room Challenge. Can You Escape?!

Phone (226)421-2044

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Which ESCAPE do you choose?





You and your group have been abducted by Aliens. Can you pass the Psychological testing and escape in time?








You return to your village to find it in shambles. Can you undo what Loki the trickster god has done? Will you clear you family name?







You are part of the Temperance league and you have heard there is a moonshine cabin in the woods near town, it might even to linked to a town official. Can you find the evidence you need in time?





A mysterious letter has arrived from your eccentric Uncle Cecil. Last you heard he was somewhere in South America. You decide to visit your Uncles apartment to see whats wrong. Can you help yourselves and Uncle Cecil get out of a tight spot?





This is a family friendly walking tour of the Town of Goderich. It is a unique way to experience the history of our town while solving puzzles along the way.

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